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Innovative Financial Expert

“Effectiveness is the offspring of a well-executed strategy”

Innovative Financial Industry Expert with 10 years of international experience; solidified by a proven track record of successful strategic consulting. Proven capacity to effectively develop financial and economic initiatives and programs. Ability to prioritize and implement complex business reengineering initiatives from inception to completion. Renown for application of “synergistic integration” and persuasive communicative mechanisms.

Professional Skills

Net present Value Analysis 51%
Corporate Restructuring 67%
Business Process Reengineering 79%
Decision Analysis & Risk Management 69%
Insurance & Film Industry Accounting 54%
Insurance & banking Regulation 80%
Website Development & Marketing Analysis 84%


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- Orchestrated coherent operational strategies, identified anomalies and opportunities for enhanced financial performance and risk management reporting, produced significant revenue gains, and assisted in delivering consistent EBITDA growth for Investment firms.

- Represented the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) on a number of committees where I provided strategic direction to assist in efficient resolution of on-going issues; assisted to rectify misunderstanding by clarifying and providing a wider representation of data and scenarios ; substantiated assertions via performing research and providing supportive material for fruitful discussion to efficiently restore forward momentum

- Integrated research and empirical study data for the application of scenario testing, identification of industry and economic nuances and political factors to enhance risk management frameworks. Assisted in the enhancement of supervisory framework to secure the reputational soundness of jurisdiction, thus securing market share within

- Developed a communicative strategy for the implementation of a revised mandate on behalf of the Chair of the Pension Coordination Committee of the IAIS to increase visibility and effectiveness of standard setting support initiatives and information exchange forums. This generated an increase in synergistic coordination amongst other working parties where inter-related activities could be addressed more efficiently.

Work Experience

February 2013 - November 2014

Policy Advisor

IAIS/Bank for International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland

Performance Highlights

Publication Contributions & Standard Development
- Contributed via the IAIS IGSC Committee to the drafting of the FSB Publication Assessment Methodology for the Resolution of Systemic Insurers.
- Contributed to the development of the IAIS Assessment Methodology for the identification of Globally Systemic Insurers.

Policy Development
- Drafting team member of the Financial Stability Policy Specialist Committee who contributed to the Distinction and clarification of the rationale and management of Loss absorbency and Non-traditional insurance concepts.
- Contributed to the IAIS Comframe ( Supervisory Framework for Internationally Active Insurance Groups); and the refinement of Group Supervision Insurance Core Principals.

Day to Day Core Functions

- Provide support for and advice to the IAIS work-streams and committees including : Financial Stability Committee, Insurance Groups and Cross-Sectoral Issues Subcommittee, Macro Prudential Subcommittee, Pension coordination Committee, and the Reinsurance Subcommittee.
- Contribute to the development of the IAIS risk-based global Insurance Capital Standard (ICS) within ComFrame, refinement of Insurance Core principals, Backstop Capital Requirements (BCR) and Higher Loss Absorbency (HLA) for Global Systemically Important Insurers (G-SIIs), Macroprudential KIRT survey and GIMAR.
- Support the planning, organisation, design, and conduct of the impact studies carried out by the Field Testing Task Force in respect of the related data requirements design, collection, management, security, aggregation, and analysis using appropriate tools (including spreadsheets and other data management tools).
- Develop the strategic plan, resourcing requirements, and provide the research analysis for the assessment of the results of the work-stream studies in collaboration with IAIS members.
August 2010 - February 2013

Senior Analyst, Insurance Supervision Department

Bermuda Monetary Authority, Hamilton, BM

Performance Highlights

New Process Implementation
- Spearheaded change division wide by developing and enhancing supervisory toolkits and established new strategic direction for the amalgamated division of the complex institutions and the PRAD Department via the development of a coordinated approach to prudential assessments and desk research , BSCR analysis, and other aspects of group supervisory frameworks.

- Developed an enhanced supervisory tool which decreased the learning curve (resulting from the newly amalgamated division) of staff and increased proficiency in via the integration of references to legislative and other supervisory mechanisms through mapping matrixes.

Operations Reengineering
- In consultation with management team , played an integral role in identifying and correcting critical inefficiencies , reduced and streamlined expenses, strengthened integration of supervisory tools, overhauled and improved operating processes and systems, resolved redundancies and overlapping of duties.

Day to Day Core Functions

- Responsible for assessing and monitoring the risks and performance of regulated financial institutions with particular emphasis on the integration of regulatory rules and principles, risk based modelling analytics, and Solvency II directives.
- Responsible for the refinement of on-site review framework implementation, leading on-site visit meetings, and engaging in dialogue with senior management of various licensed entities.
- Responsible for the consultative development of the design, planning tools to effectively monitor large insurance groups and financial conglomerates.

Ancillary Membership: Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC) : Secretary

- Responsible for the development of an enhanced structure of the reporting of IAC minutes, memos and other forms of reporting documentation.
- Liaising with the government Ministries and insurance industry professionals regarding qualitative and administrative aspects of the meeting minutes and matters arising out of the minutes.
- Responsible for the interpretation of discussion points in order to effect actionable points for which the committee can utilize to address key initiatives.
December 2007-August 2010

Investment Accountant

Everest Capital Ltd., Hamilton, BM

Performance Highlights

Automation Implementation
- Led the self- titled initiative “ Accountable Accountants : 7 Sigma” characterized by the implementation of risk management and quality assurance mechanisms including risk matrices, checklists, procedures, manuals, and appendices.

Financial Performance
- Reduced costs related to the accounting overhead function via the development of automated processes and accompanying procedures. Segregated roles and responsibilities leveraging from the time zone differences to ensure that financial performance meets target ROE. Adopted an automation culture with renewed focus on cost reductions, resourcing, and organizational restructuring.
Operations Management - Initiated and completed the development of an enhanced internal control system. Played an integral role in the implementation of automated software enhancements and administration of accounting department controls. Consolidated 2 high-level critical job functions into 1 thus reducing salary outlay costs , job function redundancies ,eliminated overlap and internal competing objectives.

Day to Day Core Functions

- Responsible for the facilitation of training, review and approval of financial reporting, Benchmark analysis, and various other functions of financial and management accounting.
- Monitor exposure limits ,collateral movements, and currency hedge adjustments
- Orchestrated software investments to decrease in costs by 5% via automation techniques for financial analysis procedures such as Cash forecasting, performance charts, and exposure analysis.

Operations Research Analyst

Depository Trusts & Clearing Corporation ( DTCC), Tampa, FL, USA

- Interpret the terms and conditions of corporate actions to ensure the precise allocation of entitlements to brokerage houses and banks.
- Direct the reconciliation of out-of-balance conditions of Dividend, Redemptions, and Reorganization(Corporate action) functions.
- Directed the investigation of discrepancies associated with fixed income transaction ranging upwards of 10billion USD.

Private Wealth Operational Analyst

Goldman Sachs, SLC, Utah, USA

- Ensure and maintain the eligibility criteria for the opening, funding, and trading of new high net asset value customers.
- Manage the receipt and approval of information needed for the legal and investment strategy of customers’ portfolios
2004-2005 (School Semester)

University Intern( Under The distinguished Mentorship of Carnell Moore ,CFM

Merrill Lynch, Tampa, FL, USA

- Event planning for promotional seminars to inform potential investors of Merrill Lynch Products.
- Implemented networking strategies with minority owned firms to establish a donor relationship for fundraising ventures.



Certified Management Accountant

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

2001 - 2005

Bachelor of Finance

University of Tampa ,FL, U.S.A

- Presidential Scholarship
- Dean's List

Distinctive Competencies

Sound understanding of international financial systems ,Corporate divestitures, corporate structures , Insurance and reinsurance markets, Capital Adequacy , Insurance and Banking Regulations, Benchmark Metric Ratio analysis, Best Practice Financial Frameworks, Knowledge and understanding of relevant international regulatory and accounting standards ,Proficient with MS Office Suite, Bloomberg, Lotus Notes, Windows XP. Possess Leadership, Negotiation and Mediation Skills, Excellent Verbal and Written Skills, Proven ability to extrapolate data to form comprehensive analysis, Ability to articulate ethical and intellectual assistance/advice, Automation of Corporate governance toolkits for implementation; proven ability to develop strategies for business process development and refinement,


  • Contact Email:

    Dr. Sebastian VonDahlen Economic Advisor for IAIS, IAIS Chairperson for World Bank
  • Contact Email:

    Julia Cillikova Director of Regulation National Bank of Slovakia



Certified Accounting & Financial Analysis Services

  • Accounting/Payroll Services/Recruitment
  • Proforma Financial Statements/li>
  • NAV & IRR Analysis
  • Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Business Reengineering & Strategic Consultancy

  • Beta Testing
  • Corporate Divestitures
  • Corporate Structure Profitability Analysis
  • NAV & IRR Testing
  • Market Research & Analysis

Insurance Regulation Consultation

  • Capital Adequacy
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Solvency Assessments
  • Corporate Structure Analysis
  • Advanced email integration
  • Basic Integrations


- IAIS Financial Stability Policy Committee (February 2013 - June 2013)
- IAIS Pension Coordination Committee (June 2013 – September 2014)
- IAIS Insurance Groups & Cross Sectoral Issues
- IAIS Macroprudential & Surveillance Committee
- IAIS Reinsurance & Other Forms of Risk Transfer Committee
- IAIS Captives Working Group (February 2013 – October 2014)

My Interests

I have a keen interest in poetry and am a strong advocate for social, economic, and political empowerment. I enjoy fashion, liberal arts and interior design. I have utilized the latter craft in my real estate business ventures. As a form of exercise and fun, I enjoy soca, hip hop and jazz dancing. I also enjoy running and walking with my 2 kids and husband. I love to engage in philosophical dynamic conversations and enjoy learning and teaching self-advocacy and Pre-Colonial History.

Availability Calendar

Available from 9:30-2:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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